Your Achilles Eel Review

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Title: Your Achilles Eel Form: Published Book

Length: 30-

Pages Writer: Mike Bundrant

Category: Nonfiction

Date Covered: 31.08.2019

Read By: Peter Rocque Mbulo


The message in the book is masterfully thought out. The information in the booklet is vital and seems to be from a credible source.


The importance of the metaphor at the opening of the booklet could easily be overshadowed. However, the writer builds on it, turning it into a strong foundation.

The question that rose from a reader’s perspective was, “Is this book for sale as a standalone or part of a course?” The information is concise throughout the booklet but seems to not dig deep enough of the plethora of information it hints at.

The book could easily feel like a supplement to information readers have already been exposed to or a sample for a deeper explanation of our Achilles Eel.

The formatting and layout of the book is basic. This isn’t entirely a problem since most nonfiction books don’t have to be visually appealing.

However, the writer should consider hiring a professional to format the book in print-ready and eBook style. However, this could be overlooked if the formatting and layout is uniform with any preceding books by the author.


The writing and editorial quality is excellent. Consider expanding on the information you have provided to ensure the reader absorbs it in a nice relaxed pace.

If you have a list of questions based on the book, please send them over and I’ll reply with a filled form.

If you have any other questions, need clarification, have an argument, a compliment, a suggestion, or simply want to critique my critique, please reach out to me.

I wish you the very best and many thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your book. I look forward to seeing it on the bookshelves.


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Your Achilles Eel Review #2

This overview presents the most notable reactions encountered during my critique of your story Your Achilles Eel. My goal is to voice concerns a general reader might notice in passing but are not able to fully articulate into words. The feed provides possible ways to improve the story, but ultimately, you must decide what advice to disregard or heed.

Reader Response: Love it!

Your story certainly has a lot going for it, some of which I’ve listed below.

This short book really made me think. It made me think about how I can go through self-sabotage without really knowing it. And it also helped rectify the situation. It was short and right to the point. I always appreciate it when the author can just give it to me straight than lagging the reader along and sometimes not telling me what the message is supposed to be about. I didn’t realize there were days that I felt the way I did but this book really put it in perspective. Personally, as a reader I enjoyed this short book. And I would definitely recommend it.

I will be honest I never read a book like this before, one that made me think about why I have so many emotions build up in me. I want to thank you for letting me read your book. Honestly, it came at a time when I needed to read something that hit close to home! THANK YOU, again! Lol

With Kind Regards,